blitzChallenge national BNP – FFE
At the club this Friday night October 9, 20 h – 22 h
Open to all players in all clubs
Registration on place before 20 h: 2 euros
100% reversed price
9 parts of 4 min + 2 sec per player
Play blitz allows you to acquire automation systems, test openings, to improve your judgment under pressure of time, play many parts in a short time, etc…

(Free) registration is open to all licensees FFE: by email to our referee
9 round: a round per month of October 2015 in June 2016.
Cadence 90 min + 30 sec per player (approved FFE and FIDE elo)
The pairing is published the first Friday of each month and the players have every other Wednesday or Friday nights of the month for their game at the club.

Interclub 2015 2016 R1 002

Friday, September 25, HQ of Vandoeuvre failures:

"My colonel, you wanted to see me? ''

_ Yes, Captain potato. There is a problem for the first round of the interclub.

_ I see… It's the same every year. In addition, with five teams involved, which both in R1, we will have even more difficult to find available players… But if early in the season, it's disturbing!

_ Not at all, potato, you are not! Our problem, on the contrary, it is that we have too many players!  Continue reading


No fewer than 4 games at home (in our Castle of the Charmois) this Sunday, October 4, 2015 from 2 pm:

Nationale2: Vand2 against Stan1 in Vandoeuvre
Nationale4: Vand3 against Vandoeuvre Stan2
(+ Metz Fischer3 against Epinal relocated to Vandoeuvre)
Schemes1: Seichamps3 against Vand4 in Seichamps
Schemes1: Vand5 against MetzASPTT in Vandoeuvre
Press2: Essey2 against Vand6 to Essey


First training-adults of the new season this Friday night, October 2 at 8 pm at the club.

After several months of inactivity, the opportunity to replace neurons running before the first interclub match on Sunday!

circuit 54 stan 006

Last Saturday, it was back, with the 1st stage of the 54 circuit organized every year by the Stan Academy. Remind the dunces tired by their two months of summer vacation regulatory (las dunces, so I never tired), it's a 7 rapid tournament (cadence 10 minutes + 5 seconds) in 8 stages, and that at the end it is (almost) always our Lolo to us who wins.

Retracted said p' new tits, and they will greet the latest clubs of the chipboard, Villers Caro-Kann, whose name is not without reminding the Carolingian Emperor Charlemagne, the inventor of the school according to historian France Gall.

Who says back often also says new reform, although here we talk about scope: now women meurthe-and-mosellanes will pay more tuition. However, in return, the female award in cash is removed, which makes the happiness of the fathers but the desperation of the girls. Continue reading




All club members are invited to go on the stand of the club tomorrow Saturday, September 19 from 14 h to 18 h at the shopping centre Leclerc de Vandoeuvre.

All facilitators and coaches of the club will be present… The opportunity to challenge them before you go shopping!

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Rejoignez-nous !

Château-Parc du charmois, 2 avenue du Charmois, 54500 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy

Ouvert mercredi, vendredi, samedi et dimanche. Tous les détails à la rubrique "club"

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